Have a small Lolita. Picky.Eat for a day. Fried pig. The husband picked a few pieces of the child bowl..Children don’t want to eat. I said: the child, this is your father piece of heart that.Husband suddenly fell to the ground shouted: Daji, my heart also to.

Punish drunk driving

One day, the son took his father and said: “ Dad, the cockroach accident, and quickly save it. ”Dad said: “ the cockroach was crushed by the car, is not better? ”The son said: “ Zhang Lang in our kitchen overturned, overturned the four wheels, the wheels are around. ”When dad saw the cockroach over Continue Reading

What a new thing.

Today I heard a new thing, a student is afraid of ghosts.Birthday oneself bought a little cake of five dollars, above with butter make a bride.The students take a small fork fork head off, ready to open to eat, more and more afraid, more afraid, scared to cry.Hurried to the next room and went to Continue Reading

There are wrong

And parents chat, mom a face to say: “ you are so ugly, no one will. ”I fell into deep inferiority.Dad said: “ don’t say that.. &rdquo, I’m glad to see Dad, or do you hurt me.Dad took a: “ always makes. ”I must have picked them up.!

Dad answer

Once my father and see “Pearl Harbor”, the ship sank, the sea a lot of soldiers about chaos, struggling.I feel strange, so I asked my dad: “ Dad, how the navy can not swim? ”My dad gave me, said: “ have you seen the air force flying in the sky? ”